About Maria Bondegreen

I was born and brought up in Sweden on the west coast close to Gothenburg. After finishing my master in chemistry engineering and sustainable development I moved to Stockholm.

It was during the last 1,5 years of my studies that I found a burning interest in Life Cycle Analysis and how you can build and create sustainable environments.

My first job after finishing my degree was as a Project Manager in the construction business for a big consultancy company, WSP. After a few years in the company I moved forward to a more clean Project Managing company, Forsen. I had great years there and earned a lot of responsibility. I was happy with my work situation but one day I got a phone call from a recruitment company searching for a Project Owner for one of the biggest Banks in Sweden, SEB. I started at the Group Real Estate department and I was through the years responsible for several projects. Both head offices in the bank an the retail offices. It was during the years at SEB my interest for the interior design projects took off for real.

My colleague who were responsible for the design concept was working all her hours in a big new head office project. I got the chance to take her role during that time both for the Swedish and Baltic market. I loved it and since then I have combined the interior design projects with the Project Management. Personally I think it is a strength to have a lot of knowledge of the construction and building industry when transforming and making new designs both in commercial and residential projects.

I moved to the Isle of Man 3,5 years ago with my husband and now two children. Starting my business here 2 years ago is the best decision I ever made in my professional life.

As a person I’m very energetic, creative and happy. I love taking new challenges on!

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