Interior Design & Project Management

Combining project management with the design concept in the projects has been very successful and unique. The results are well structured projects where the client get frequent information about timelines, budget, and the design concept during the whole process.



  1. Begin collaborating with project team early in project lifecycle
  2. Explore and understand the objectives and risks (SWOT analysis)
  3. Scope project resources — client briefs, budgets, deadlines and staffing
  4. Regulation and legislation compliance — permits, fire safety, on-site safety
Discovery image


  1. Source project team, define and delegate responsibilities
  2. Procure contracted constructors, designers and vendors
  3. Map out deliverables aligned to project timeline
  4. Ensure regulatory compliance, seek professional guidance
Planning image Planning image


  • Moodboards & inspiration
  • Architect collaboration
  • Wallpaper, fabrics, colour palettes
  • Furniture lists
  • Building research: lighting, mood, atmosphere
  • Client research: style, tone, desires, practicality, needs
  • Design within what the client needs vs what the space needs. Function over fashion, timeless aesthetic
  • Client presentations
Creative image Creative image Creative image

Project Delivery & Management

  • Project management & vendor coordination
  • On-site construction oversight
  • Procurement management
  • Oversee implementation
  • Cost management
  • Quality assurance
Delivery image Delivery image


  1. Styling and finishing
  2. Third party quality review
  3. Ongoing support
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I have developed this workflow after many successful projects in collaboration with a range of commercial and domestic clients internationally. If you would like to discuss your upcoming project, please connect with me below.